About Mai

  • Member of Finnish Parliament, Helsinki city councillor and Uusimaa regional councillor
  • Master in Environment and Development, King’s College London
  • Born in Helsinki December 1982
  • Mother of two
  • An activist, a feminist and a vegan

I am Mai Kivelä, member of parliament, city councillor and a long term political activist from Helsinki. I am 38 years old and I live in Arabianranta, Helsinki with my partner and our two kids.

I have been into political activism since I was a 9 years old. At that time I joined Greenpeace after seeing a TV-program about whale hunting. I have been actively involved in numerous different environmental and social movements and organizations for more than a decade.

Before politics I used to work as the Executive Director of Animalia, a Secretary General of the Left Youth of Finland and several years for Greenpeace. Furthermore, I have experience in working in the development field and with trade unions. Before NGOs and during my studies I worked as a ticket seller in a movie theater, a lifeguard in a swimming pool and as a catering staff to name a few.

I have a Master’s degree in Environment and Development from King’s College London. I wrote my master’s thesis about the relationship between water resources, international trade and food security.  I have also studied sociology at the University of Tampere and civic activities in Humak University of Applied Sciences.

I believe that most of the problems and injustices our society is facing stem from political choices. Consequently, we need strong political resolve and activism to solve issues such as climate change, erosion of human rights and financial crises.

The main themes of my campaign are environmental and social sustainability combined with a multi-level participatory approach to politics.

Main campaign agendas:


The current environmental crisis is the most important political issue of our times. The most pressing manifestations of this crisis are climate change and the deterioration of biodiversity. My main goal in politics is to work towards creating an ecologically sustainable society.


I want Helsinki to actively work for reducing inequality and poverty. All policy should be in line with feminist goals.


I want Helsinki to be a lively, colorful city that enables peoples ideas to flourish. City where on top of basic functions people can also enjoy life and each other. A city that appreciates creativity and culture.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable housing in Helsinki. Furthermore, homelessness should not exist in a civilized society and everybody should be able to afford a home. In other words, having a home should be a fundamental human right.

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